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For people who work in football!







The Football Industry Magazine

Specialized football edition The Football Industry Magazine

Its published since June of 2003

(Till December of 2003 as Premier-League)


International Academy of Football and Sports Industry (IAFSI), Sports Fund The House of Football Veterans, Informational and Publishing Center For Every Day

Media License 1-01393 of November 21, 2003


Through the enlightenment and the informational support of different sectors of RUSSIAN FOOTBALL INDUSTRY to assist in the progress of the all football economy in post soviet area.


- football industry and its properties;

- legislative regulation of football industrys development;

- monitoring of legal statements by the football industrys questions;

- clubs functioning as the subject of employer activity;

- organizational and legal regulation of football activity;

- questions of the management of Russian football Industry;

- experience of football interests lobbying at the government units;

- questions of licensing and certification of football clubs;

- economics and finances of football clubs;

- investment activity in football industry;

- management in football industry;

- supreme management in football club;

- training and retraining of personnel for football industry;

- commercial actions of football club;

- commercial deals and transfers in football industry;

- activity of footballers agents and coaches;

- insurance in football industry;

- advertising activity of football bodies;

- attributiveness of football club;

- Internet technologies in the football clubs activity;

- sponsoring in football industry;

- public relations and co-operation with media;

- exhibition activity in football industry;

- mission in football industry;

- marketing strategy of football club;

- audience as the sources of football clubs incoming;

- abroad experience of football industry;

- staff of football club;

- labor relations in football club;

- legal and social protection of footballers and coaches;

- pensionary reform and footballers;

- insurance accumulation in football;

- job placement of footballers who finished;

- technologies of footballers training;

- legal features of activity in juvenile football;

- activity features of football bodies (FIFA, UEFA);

- conducting of major competitions (World Cup, Europe Championship);

- commercial football tournaments;

- amateur and veteran football tournaments;

- features of football tourism;

- infrastructure of football club;

- stadiums economy;

- medical ensuring of football industry;

- nutrition during training process;

- questions of security during the conducting of football matches;

- security of football constructions.


- Football federations (transnational, national, regional and municipal).

- Professional and nonprofessional leagues.

- Nonamateur and amateur football clubs.

- Juvenile state and private football schools.

- Coach and referees schools.

- Educational institutions that train the specialists of football industry.

- Scientific-research and teaching and methodical centers that train the specialists of football.

- State and municipal administrative bodies in sport (state committees, ministries and sports committee).

- Companies that invest in football, sponsor bodies.

- Companies that render the professional services in sports field: consultative, marketing, legal, financial etc.

- Organizers of football tournaments, companies of reception and allocation (servicing) of guests, trade enterprises.

- Public relations companies, advertising agencies, agencies of spots marketing.

- Producers of sports equipment and sports goods.

- Building companies that specialize on construction of football and sports units.

- Advertisers bodies of football industry.

- Owners (and shareholders) and the higher management of football clubs.

- Traveling companies that specialize on sports and football tourism.


Periodicity: One time in 2 months (appearance: February, April, June, August, October, December)

Format: A4 (210297 mm)

Volume: from 60 type pages

Cover: print 4+4, varnish 1+0, chalk-overly paper 160 gr.

Bloc: print 4+4, offset paper 1120 gr., thermo-glue book-cover

Print method: offset

Weight: 300 gr.


- 12% for subscribers (currently: 19 units of RF, Byelorussia, Georgia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Estonia)

- 50% for address distribution in All-Russian and regional federations, sports committees, football clubs, juvenile football schools, bodies of football industry, advertisers and sponsors of football industry

- 10% for retailing

- 28% for distribution during different arrangements (exhibitions, conferences, seminars, tournaments etc.)


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E-mail: info@periodicals.ru www.periodicals.ru

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Editor-in-chief Rustam Khansverov (rhans@mail.ru)


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